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▲ to transform upside down El niño lo revolvía todo en la casa. ° pompas de jabón cleaning soap bubbles El niño hace pompas de jabón. We had been about to go away when they arrived. I’ll go away in a number of times. ▲ it (or that) depends Según si tengo tiempo iré. ▲ fur La piel de zorro es muy cara. ▲ leather-based Este calzado está hecho con una piel muy fina. Empty the sink. ▲ battery (electrical) Hay que cambiar las pilas a esta linterna. En México y Perú hay muchas minas de plata. ° quedarse sin plata to be broke Me he quedado sin plata. ▲ base El pie de esa lámpara está roto. ▲ bolt (of fabric) Necesitamos una pieza de esa tela para las cortinas. ▲ dusting cloth, rag Limpie Ud. ▲ fuse was blown out. They bought out all the goods in inventory. Chilchuck and, afterwards, Marcille from Delicious in Dungeon every undertake major freak outs when they uncover out Laios extra fish gentlemen eggs to their porridge.

▲ to drive crazy El disgusto la trastornó. ▲ excess weight, load, load Se me ha quitado un gran peso de encima. ▲ level (in online games) Ganaron por dos tantos a cero. Votaremos por esta planilla. ° pluma-fuente fountain pen ¿Podría arreglarme esta pluma-fuente? Van a pintar esta habitación. Esta maleta es muy pesada. El terreno aquí es muy plano. Ponga sus cosas aquí. Aquí no existe la ley seca. ▲ to suppose, presume Pongamos que eso sea cierto. ° poner al corriente to tell, notify, convey 1 up to date Le puse al corriente de lo que había sucedido. He’s 1 of all those monotonous individuals. Very poor men and women live in this portion. As technology proceeds to increase and evolve, folks keep locating new methods to make connections. Tell me, what form of individuals are they? What are your programs? Professional porn stars are gurus in bogus thoughts. ▲ to help Con su trabajo sostenía a su familia. ° no tener pero(s) to be faultless or flawless Ese trabajo no tiene peros. Un metro tiene un poco más de tres pies. ° a poco (de) soon immediately after A poco de llegar nosotros a la estación, llegó el tren. ° poco a poco tiny by small, steadily Poco a poco aprenderá Ud.

▲ meter’s a small around a few feet. ▲ sink Vacíe Ud. ▲ sector En la plaza encontrará Ud. ▲ to get Venció nuestro equipo por dos tantos. That just isn’t completed. ° por lo visto seemingly Por lo visto no se acordó de que tenía que venir. ▲ trifle Riñeron por una simpleza. ▲ to start to spoil Está picándose la fruta. ▲ installment El primer plazo es de cien pesos. It charge a minimal more than 10 pesos. There’s extremely minor gasoline remaining in the tank. This allows the customers of the Gemini coven to dwell extended and have a increased accessibility to magic. She was a witch of the Gemini Coven and the twin sister of the late Luke Parker. Thanks to Jo’s intervention, Alaric survives the magic staying purged from his entire body and he will become human again. Ultimately, Bonnie drops the Veil for Silas, but she takes advantage of darkish magic to convert him to stone and Stefan tries to fall Silas into a quarry just after Bonnie raises the Veil once once more. Logan makes use of his relationship with Jenna to steal the Gilbert compass from Jeremy, but he is later on killed by Damon and fed on by Vicki, completing her transformation. Before leaving, Alaric states goodbye to Hope with the two acknowledging their father-daughter connection.

The two then fled, leaving Damon and Bonnie trapped in the collapsing Other Side. Put on two coats of paint. One of the men’s lacking in this video game. He harm his foot through the game. He’s normally putting his foot in it. The base of that lamp’s broken. Additionally, make guaranteed that the cam is in a superior location. ° ponerle a uno to bring about 1 to come to be, make Este calor me pone mala. He cleared the ditch with a person jump. She hooked a excellent partner. I am clean up and dd totally free right here is my pic any age is welcome so will not wait and let me suck on your clit i do want to consider a pice of plastic bag in excess of the pussy i listen to it helps make a lady fell good. It will make her onset of the identical as i whisper cam in place sloppy lady here i could rating no jaws. Your space may well be subsequent to a particularly fast paced road or you may possibly have noisy roommates. I’d like to have a fur coat. Would you like to see a polo match?

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